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Free English Tutoring 

@ TLRG Puchong



Join our Sunday Dhamma School to receive weekly Dhamma Lessons and English Tutoring Sessions, taught by Native English Speakers. This whole programme is completely free of charge.


It caters for people ages 7 and up or in Year 1 and above of school. Parents and siblings of children are welcome to join too.

加入我们的周日佛法班,接受由英语母语人士讲授的每周周日佛法班课程和英语辅导课程。 整个计划完全免费。

它适合7岁及以上或1岁及以上的学生。 欢迎儿童的父母和兄弟姐妹加入。

前往進行註冊或致電017 209 5190。
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